Specific Issues for Marijuana and Women


Yin and Blood

If a lady takes marijuana consistently with time without doing anything to stabilize it, marijuana’s heat and spice can gradually dry up her Yin and blood.

Marijuana and Aging

A female will wish to keep her Yin and blood as strong and fresh as possible for her whole life. As she ages, these compounds can start to wither unless she takes particular actions to truly take care of herself.

Marijuana and Girls

A lady’s body is preparing itself to start making the Yin and blood that she will later on cycle through her body in her menstruation.

The heat and spice of marijuana might damage her development by speeding it up and overextending it.

Marijuana, Girls and Adolescence

This is a time when a woman is refining the hormone factory that will serve her for her whole life. Marijuana can influence the advancement of her hormonal agents.

Marijuana and Menstruation

This is when a female’s body needs its blood and fluids to clean and revitalize. Marijuana can change her hormone clock, warm up her blood to make her circulation more irregular, and dry her mucous membranes.

Marijuana and Adult Women

Marijuana can promote her into over-activity and dry her out at the same time. With many other things, it can prevent orgasm if her Yin cannot accept her yang.

Marijuana and Relationships

Marijuana typically evaluates relationship to its limitations.

If a woman’s partner does marijuana too, the relationship will always be high. If the partner isn’t really into it, it’s only a matter of time before she’ll need to decide in between marijuana and her partner.

Marijuana and Menopause

A lady’s Yin and blood typically start to get jeopardized at this time. She’ll wish to develop an abundance of Yin and blood that will support her healthy body for the rest of her life.

Taking out of balance marijuana at this time will not serve this cause.

Marijuana and the Crone

After menopause, marijuana’s result on a female’s brain and Jing might or might not be valuable. Some research shows that accountable use of marijuana might postpone the start of illness such as Alzheimer’s and hinder particular sort of growths.

If a female decides to use marijuana at any phase of life, there are manners in which she can stabilize its results to optimize its favorable qualities and lessen the damaging ones.

Women Sleep Better Than Men

New research is recommending that older women really enjoy a much better quality of sleep than men. A group of Dutch scientists found that women also had to have more sleep than men in order to operate at their maximum level throughout every day.

Sleeping Patterns

It was found that women sleep for an average of 16 minutes more than men which their sleep was less cut off and of a greater quality in contrast.

The tests were carried out with using an Actigraph which volunteers needed to use for 6 nights in a row to precisely tape-record information as they slept. Amongst the male topics it prevailed for them to overstate the quantity of time they had in fact slept each night while women offered opposite viewpoints and had the tendency to undervalue the quantity they had slept on a nighttime basis.



It was also found that using medication to assist aid sleep was much more widespread among women but it also triggered them to feel they had only slept for much shorter durations which was inaccurate when compared with the taped information. Making use of alcohol was more typical in men and using it appears to have reduced the time invested sleeping well.

So contrary to the typical belief, it is women who enjoy a much better requirement of sleep general while men experience a higher frequency of disrupted sleep. It is hoped that this research study will motivate others to perform their own research into this field. To this day there has been an unexpected absence of work performed in the area of gender distinctions concerning sleep quality and patterns.

Why Women Suffer from Insomnia More Than Men

Usually, research studies have revealed that women are approximately two times as most likely to have issues with sleeping, more so than men. It is very important that, since we do experience sleeping disorders a lot, we should pay consistent focus on our bodies in order to resolve the issue right when it takes place. We need to not need to lie there in bed for another sleep deprived night, questioning how or when we will lastly wander off into a deep rest.

Biological Makeup

Among the primary factors that women have more difficulty sleeping than men are, regrettably, due to the biological makeup of our bodies. As much as we aim to battle it in some cases, we have lots of hormonal agents, which can frequently be a good idea, but in some cases can become a barrier. There are a couple of different circumstances when our hormonal agents can in fact impact our sleeping patterns.

Menstrual Factor

We might frequently experience secondary sleeping disorders that arises from all the signs of pre-menstrual syndrome. This is an uncomfortable time that produces much pain, and we frequently find ourselves tossing and turning to aim to in some way get comfy. Another time when this becomes an issue is for premenopausal women. Throughout the time right before the ‘change of life’, signs such as severe sweating and bouts of hot flashes can definitely produce a rough night. As an outcome, women might have sleep deprived nights for weeks at a time.


Pregnant women also are most likely to have problem sleeping. From the discomfort and pain of a larger stomach, to a variety of psychological and physical modifications, a female with child has a high opportunity of experiencing sleeping issues.


But in some cases, sleeping disorders is much more severe for women. Research has shown that women are most likely to experience anxiety and stress than men. Severe psychological problems will always keep you tossing and turning every night till you look for treatment for the primary issue. Once those issues remain in check, it will be a lot easier to conquer those bouts of sleeping disorders and have a tranquil rest on a routine basis.

Social Factors

Often, however, women do not sleep as much as men merely for social factors. While we must not merely be crossed out as ‘worriers’, women certainly harbor far more tension, and our minds have the tendency to wander in what looks like a million different instructions during the night. Though men definitely may appreciate these things, women think of the kids, your home, the groceries and the general image. With a lot of different things to think about, many women let these problems hinder their sleeping patterns.

Additionally, specific significant life modifications might have the propensity to affect us more, triggering us to feel uncertain, and hence not ready to settle into an excellent night of rest. Going through a divorce or starting a new job are just 2 of the many reasons that we will be up for hours.

Women, it is time to reclaim the night, and help ourselves to conquer our sleeping difficulties. All of us should have a terrific night of rest, to have us looking our best, and ready to deal with the day ahead.