How to Choose a Mattress for Couples with Different Sleeping Positions?

If you have been in the bedding industry for long, you will agree with me that most sleepers are combination sleepers.

A combination sleeper requires a mattress that provides a good balance of support and comfort for each sleeping position. This makes it very hard to find a mattress that accommodates the different sleeping positions comfortably.

Nevertheless, the mattress market is awash with numerous mattress brands and this gives you a wide range of options to choose from. The following tips and tricks can help you find the right mattress for both you and your partner.

  • Look for ample support for all sleeping positions

Always remember that each sleeping position requires an adequate amount of support. Therefore, you must find a mattress that will provide adequate support to the stomach, side and the back in order to keep the spine aligned.

Anything that does not offer enough support to pressure points is more likely to cause sleep issues like back pains and even increase tossing and turning all night long and this denies you a quality night rest. What is important for combination sleepers is ample support for all positions.

  • Look for ideal firmness and comfort for all sleeping positions

Each sleeper has his or her own personal preferences, sleep positions and weight differs. The difficult task is to ensure each sleeping position gets enough comfort for a restful night. Generally, side sleepers prefer the thickest comfort layer that can cradle perfectly to the body.

On the other hand, back sleepers require a thinner comfort layer while a stomach sleeper requires the thinnest comfort layer. In terms of firmness, it solely depends on the sleepers needs based on soft, medium or firm.

However, for a combination sleeper who prefer thin comfort layers, a soft-medium firm mattress is a good option as it brings more softness when combined with thin comfort layers. On the other hand, side and back sleepers who prefer thick comfort layers may be comfortable with a firm mattress.

Since inadequate support or comfort causes sleep problems, always remember to confirm that your partner’s needs firmness and support is fine.

  • Consider the mattress type

The market is full of options including but not limited to memory foam, innerspring, late and air mattresses. Actually, any mattress can offer ample comfort and support both for you and your partner.

However, some mattress like an air mattress and memory foam have more benefits for couples than other mattress types. For instance, an air mattress is adjustable so you can customize your ideal firmness level.

On the other hand, memory foam absorbs movement so if your partner moves a lot while asleep, this gives you the benefit of reduced disturbance.

  • Consider your sleeping styles

Our sleeping habits and styles differ so it is important to discuss your preferred sleeping style with your partner. Because a side sleeper has different needs from those of a stomach sleeper, you will be able to understand each other needs and find something that makes both of you feel comfortable.

Beyond this, you’ll be able to understand if your partner needs a special feature like allergy resistance. It even gets a lot easier if you both have the same preference.

  • Consider the size

Today beds come in standard sizes; twin, Queen, King, full size, California king etc. so you need to find a mattress that will feel much more comfortable for the two of you. Thus, cabinet bed might not be for you. A California sized mattress is one of the best options because it is the widest and offers enough space for you and your partner.

It also gives an allowance for easy movement without disturbing your partner. Mattress size is very important especially if your partner is tall. Find a mattress that fits well without having to coil or bend.

Bottom line

It is true choosing a good mattress for couples with different sleeping positions can be tricky. However, it gets easier if you find one that provides ample comfort and support to all sleep positions.

You may also want to consider, mattress size, type and the sleeping style of your partner. With this, you can be sure of a comfortable night rest for the two of you.

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