A March For Everyone

Accessibility in Boston

Boston Women’s March for America is inclusive of people with disabilities in a range of ways, including an accessible transportation drop-off site and an accessible march route. 

PHOTO: Paul Gagnon
Boston Common

Accessibility At The March

Public Transportation


The closest accessible subway stations are Arlington and Park Street stations.

Accessible Drop off: On Charles Street, on the Boston Common Side, right before you get to Beacon and Charles intersection. We strongly encourage drop off to take place prior to 10:30am in order to allow time for high volume and heavy traffic. There will be music on stage so come early! Dress warmly!

Accessible Pick Up:  The accessible pick up area is same as drop off area (above). Once the March ends, all roads will open up to regular traffic and this pick-up location will reopen. Due to the high volume of marchers, we cannot give an exact estimate of end of March time. If you need to leave earlier, you can schedule your pick up at 55 Beacon Street, which is at the corner of Charles and Beacon on the Starbucks side of the Street. Please know that there will be high volume of marchers, buses and road closures which we do not control, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

Speaking Program

There will be an accessible seating area near the stage. Seats will be available for those with access needs and there will be space for those using wheelchairs or scooters who wish to use this space. There will be ASL interpretation of the program and the seating area will also accommodate people who need to view the interpreter. There are no advance reservations of seats. Volunteers will be at the seating area to assist you and your friends and family who are accompanying you.

March Route

The March route will be approximately 1 mile. The route is accessible to wheelchairs and scooters. There are benches in the Boston Public Gardens and along Commonwealth Avenue where you can rest. We recommend for people who want to process slowly or take breaks during the March to march at the outer edge of the crowd close to the sidewalks so it will be easier to get to the benches. To discuss questions or additional options speak with a volunteer in the seating area. Participants are also welcome to stay in the seating area during the March if they wish.

If you have questions about accessibility, please contact us at

Local Accessibility Resources

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