Thousands Commit to Boston Women’s March for America

Boston Among 97 Cities Planning Inauguration Day Marches for Justice and Equal Rights

BOSTON, MA, December 19, 2016— Thousands have committed to march in Boston on January 21, 2017 for justice and equal rights. The Boston Women’s March for America (BWMFA) is one of over 100 happening nationwide and internationally inspired by the Women’s March on Washington.

“On January 21, people from around the country will unite in Washington, DC in the spirit of democracy, dignity and justice,” said Yordanos Eyoel, a spokesperson for BWMFA. “As a woman and as someone who recently became a naturalized citizen, I understand how passionate our local communities are about these issues. Many of us will not be able to make it to the march in Washington – but we can come together in our local communities to march for our shared values.” (more…)

Why Mary Marches

I’ve been to D.C. and NYC for marches, and I wanted to be part of the history-making and go to the Women’s March on DC. But after realizing there was no affordable place to stay and with the time and cost of travel, I thought about how privileged it was to be able to go from Massachusetts.

After consulting a number of friends and allies, I decided to create a “sister march” for those who wanted or needed to stay in New England. I created a Facebook invite mirroring the D.C. march and added, “If you can’t make it to DC. march here. Take the money you would have spent and donate to a nonprofit.

After just few hours, hundreds of people expressed interest; within a day, there were several thousand with many saying where they had donated. I immediately applied for a permit and recruited others to help.

I march because we are in the middle of great ecological, economic and political transition. We cannot let our rights slip away—our right to govern our own bodies, our rights to health care, our rights to a just and sustainable world. I’m marching to show the world that we are awake in Massachusetts and that we care. We will fight for our rights and for justice for all.

Mary Wallace is a mother and a grassroots activist in Jamaica Plain. At 17, she co-founded the Medfield Peace Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament. She is a member of a Jamaica Plain Climate Justice Affinity group and has served on the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council. She is currently on the board of Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association and works as a realtor in Boston.


PHOTO: Sierra Club

Why Henrietta Marches

We live in Massachusetts, the cradle of liberty and the first to proclaim our values. At this march we will affirm that those values are important and we will continue to fight for them. It is what our country stands for. I want this march to set a positive direction on how we will now work together locally to make a difference. We can’t let these four years go by without more action on climate issues. It is urgent to make the changes in order to continue to have the quality of life we have enjoyed and I want that for our children and their children.

img_9431Henrietta Davis served as Mayor of Cambridge MA, was a member of the Cambridge City Council and was a United States Delegate to the United Nations Climate Change Conferences. She currently works on initiatives for efficient energy and the environment.

Matt Hintsa
Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor