Become A Partner

The March aims to build partnerships with local, regional and national organizations that are aligned with our mission.

If your organization is interested in becoming a partner, please let us know by completing this inquiry form. Our volunteer coordinator will be back to you very quickly. Thank you!

March as a group and represent your stakeholders. Stand with us to get your message out to thousands, to the press, and to our state and national leaders. Register as a group today.

Partners Power The March

The March means standing together and learning from each other and to that end, we seek the support and participation of community partners.

Partners help us amplify the mission and message of the March through their own channels and help us build a coalition that lasts long after the March is over. The March also gives partner organizations increased visibility and connects them to thousands of dedicated and inspired activists.

Our partnership efforts have four key objectives:

  • Forge sustainable partnerships with organizations around our shared values so we can collectively empower communities to join the march on January 21st.
  • Amplify our message of unity, solidarity and inclusivity on the path to building a network of passionate and committed individuals that can be activated beyond the march to work with together with intentionality to advocate and defend those communities most affected by hate, intolerance and acts of violence.
  • Provide a platform and a community for those who have been marginalized and politically disconnected to engage in their community. 
  • Build a diverse coalition that is representative of the various identities and issues embedded in the mission statement of BWMFA.


Our primary partner for the March is the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus. The MWPC is a non-partisan organization founded in 1971 to maximize the participation of women of all ages in the poltical process and to increase the number of women appointed and elected to public office and public policy positions.
We also have more than 50 extraordinary Communities Parters who stand with us. They work on issues as diverse as immigration, environmental conservation, civil rights and health care. They tackle head on the challenges of racism, religious discrimination, fair wages, social justice, gender equality, economic opportunity, political leadership and more They make the world better for seniors, for children and for marginalized people everywhere. We’re excited and proud to stand with them at the March.
PHOTO : Majunznik
1970s-era Vietnam War protest on Boston Common.
You can see a young John Kerry on the stage.