Let’s March

Why Register?

small-square-logoPlease note: You are not required to register for the March. But if you do, you’ll be helping us better estimate attendance and plan a better event for everyone. Registration is totally FREE and you do not need to bring a ticket, just yourselves!

Get Updates

When you register and share your email with us, we’ll be able to send you updates about the March, any weather-related changes in our plans and other logistical details. We can also send a summary of the March after the event. We do not share email addresses outside of the March.

Chip In

In addition, registering gives you a chance to chip in with a donation. All funds support March-related expenses and excess funds will be donated to local charities. No donation is required but every gift, no matter how small, is appreciated. Your gift is tax deductible because the March is nonpartisan and welcomes everyone. Questions? Email boston@wmfa2017.org.

March With Us

The most important thing, though, is your presence and your willingness to stand with thousands of other women and men and say what matters, what inspires us and what we will fight for together.

See you soon!

Let's Get Marching! Register today to march on Jan. 21, 2017.

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