T Shirts

The Official T Shirt of the Boston Women's March For America

Good news! Due to popular demand, we have re-opened the Boston Women’s March for America store. 

Get your official Boston Women’s March t shirt, hoodie and/or hat from our friends at Ink To The People, a certified  SGP “green” printer. You can learn about their sustainability, recycling and energy conservation programs at their website.

Our T shirts are unisex, 100% cotton, and proudly made in a union shop in the USA. They are little pricier than a non-recyclable blend,  but we think that’s important and suspect you do, too.

Kids sizes, a woman’s option, a long-sleeved option and a hoodie are also available.

We hope that your purchases will remind you of this historic day as we stand together for dignity, equality and justice for all! Visit the store now!

For questions, please contact  Ink To The People at: hello@inktothepeople.com  or call 888-862-2775 .
PHOTO: National Museum of America History
Revolutionary Swag
This teapot was made in England about 1766-1770, possibly by the Cockpit Hill Factory, Derby, England. Inscribed on one side of the teapot is “No Stamp Act” and on the other is “America, Liberty Restored.”
Teapots such as this were made for sale to the American market soon after the 1766 repeal of the hated Stamp Act, passed by the British Parliament on March 22, 1765.