Why Carolina Marches

I march because I love this country and I love this country because I was born in one where people disappeared, where a military dictatorship abducted innocent people (including my father) most of whom did not survive. I march because I believe a democracy is fragile and needs to be cared for, honored and respected.

I march because I believe a woman’s place is WHEREVER she wants it to be. And so, by the way, is a man’s place. I march in honor of all the men and women who are changing the way society thinks about women by changing the way they think about themselves. I march because Planned Parenthood rocks. Access to basic health care and birth planning tools are much of the reason women are where they are today. We cannot go back.

I march for all the times I was sexually harassed and leered at and cat-called. I march on behalf of all girls so that they will never experience this and so they will get to wonder how it could have been possible.

I march for my sons and for their future and the future of all kids: black kids, red kids, white kids and rainbow kids. I march for a future for them that is fair, respectful and safe. A future where Love is Love.


Carolina Avellaneda is a graduate of Wellesley College and Boston University School of Law.  She is the General Counsel for a private, non-profit College and also is active in the community including as a Commissioner on the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women and Chair of the Advisory Board for My Life My Choice.


PHOTO: H2Woah!

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