Why Karen Marches

I have been an activist for many decades and my issues are as diverse as the people who will be attending this march. I support the fight for women’s rights, those of us with disabilities, people of color and LGBT folks. 2016 was a terrible year politically for most of us and our friends, comrades, co-workers and others and I don’t believe anyone is safe if they believe in justice for more than a small number of privileged individuals.

I want to be part of the group that shows up to put a face on a country that does not look homogenous and nor should it. We look, speak and act differently. What I hope we have in common is a desire to work for justice – not just use the word as a way of simplifying the devastating issues we face in 2017 and beyond. I want to be part of making this country better as a middle-aged, wheelchair-using woman who has marched before and will not stop out of fear of reprisal. Together we are all a mighty wind.

Karen Schneiderman is a native Bostonian with a love for social equality and all its possibilities. In the past she taught English and Women’s Studies at several colleges in MA. Currently, she works as an activist for a non-profit assisting people with disabilities and helping them achieve their goals.


PHOTO: Niklas Tenhaef
Blue Hill

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