Specific Issues for Marijuana and Women


Yin and Blood

If a lady takes marijuana consistently with time without doing anything to stabilize it, marijuana’s heat and spice can gradually dry up her Yin and blood.

Marijuana and Aging

A female will wish to keep her Yin and blood as strong and fresh as possible for her whole life. As she ages, these compounds can start to wither unless she takes particular actions to truly take care of herself.

Marijuana and Girls

A lady’s body is preparing itself to start making the Yin and blood that she will later on cycle through her body in her menstruation.

The heat and spice of marijuana might damage her development by speeding it up and overextending it.

Marijuana, Girls and Adolescence

This is a time when a woman is refining the hormone factory that will serve her for her whole life. Marijuana can influence the advancement of her hormonal agents.

Marijuana and Menstruation

This is when a female’s body needs its blood and fluids to clean and revitalize. Marijuana can change her hormone clock, warm up her blood to make her circulation more irregular, and dry her mucous membranes.

Marijuana and Adult Women

Marijuana can promote her into over-activity and dry her out at the same time. With many other things, it can prevent orgasm if her Yin cannot accept her yang.

Marijuana and Relationships

Marijuana typically evaluates relationship to its limitations.

If a woman’s partner does marijuana too, the relationship will always be high. If the partner isn’t really into it, it’s only a matter of time before she’ll need to decide in between marijuana and her partner.

Marijuana and Menopause

A lady’s Yin and blood typically start to get jeopardized at this time. She’ll wish to develop an abundance of Yin and blood that will support her healthy body for the rest of her life.

Taking out of balance marijuana at this time will not serve this cause.

Marijuana and the Crone

After menopause, marijuana’s result on a female’s brain and Jing might or might not be valuable. Some research shows that accountable use of marijuana might postpone the start of illness such as Alzheimer’s and hinder particular sort of growths.

If a female decides to use marijuana at any phase of life, there are manners in which she can stabilize its results to optimize its favorable qualities and lessen the damaging ones.

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