Women Sleep Better Than Men

New research is recommending that older women really enjoy a much better quality of sleep than men. A group of Dutch scientists found that women also had to have more sleep than men in order to operate at their maximum level throughout every day.

Sleeping Patterns

It was found that women sleep for an average of 16 minutes more than men which their sleep was less cut off and of a greater quality in contrast.

The tests were carried out with using an Actigraph which volunteers needed to use for 6 nights in a row to precisely tape-record information as they slept. Amongst the male topics it prevailed for them to overstate the quantity of time they had in fact slept each night while women offered opposite viewpoints and had the tendency to undervalue the quantity they had slept on a nighttime basis.



It was also found that using medication to assist aid sleep was much more widespread among women but it also triggered them to feel they had only slept for much shorter durations which was inaccurate when compared with the taped information. Making use of alcohol was more typical in men and using it appears to have reduced the time invested sleeping well.

So contrary to the typical belief, it is women who enjoy a much better requirement of sleep general while men experience a higher frequency of disrupted sleep. It is hoped that this research study will motivate others to perform their own research into this field. To this day there has been an unexpected absence of work performed in the area of gender distinctions concerning sleep quality and patterns.

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