Why Women Suffer from Insomnia More Than Men

Usually, research studies have revealed that women are approximately two times as most likely to have issues with sleeping, more so than men. It is very important that, since we do experience sleeping disorders a lot, we should pay consistent focus on our bodies in order to resolve the issue right when it takes place. We need to not need to lie there in bed for another sleep deprived night, questioning how or when we will lastly wander off into a deep rest.

Biological Makeup

Among the primary factors that women have more difficulty sleeping than men are, regrettably, due to the biological makeup of our bodies. As much as we aim to battle it in some cases, we have lots of hormonal agents, which can frequently be a good idea, but in some cases can become a barrier. There are a couple of different circumstances when our hormonal agents can in fact impact our sleeping patterns.

Menstrual Factor

We might frequently experience secondary sleeping disorders that arises from all the signs of pre-menstrual syndrome. This is an uncomfortable time that produces much pain, and we frequently find ourselves tossing and turning to aim to in some way get comfy. Another time when this becomes an issue is for premenopausal women. Throughout the time right before the ‘change of life’, signs such as severe sweating and bouts of hot flashes can definitely produce a rough night. As an outcome, women might have sleep deprived nights for weeks at a time.


Pregnant women also are most likely to have problem sleeping. From the discomfort and pain of a larger stomach, to a variety of psychological and physical modifications, a female with child has a high opportunity of experiencing sleeping issues.


But in some cases, sleeping disorders is much more severe for women. Research has shown that women are most likely to experience anxiety and stress than men. Severe psychological problems will always keep you tossing and turning every night till you look for treatment for the primary issue. Once those issues remain in check, it will be a lot easier to conquer those bouts of sleeping disorders and have a tranquil rest on a routine basis.

Social Factors

Often, however, women do not sleep as much as men merely for social factors. While we must not merely be crossed out as ‘worriers’, women certainly harbor far more tension, and our minds have the tendency to wander in what looks like a million different instructions during the night. Though men definitely may appreciate these things, women think of the kids, your home, the groceries and the general image. With a lot of different things to think about, many women let these problems hinder their sleeping patterns.

Additionally, specific significant life modifications might have the propensity to affect us more, triggering us to feel uncertain, and hence not ready to settle into an excellent night of rest. Going through a divorce or starting a new job are just 2 of the many reasons that we will be up for hours.

Women, it is time to reclaim the night, and help ourselves to conquer our sleeping difficulties. All of us should have a terrific night of rest, to have us looking our best, and ready to deal with the day ahead.

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