How The Women’s March on Washington Has Gone Global

Vivienne Mayer writing in the Huffington Post yesterday says…

“When I urged women of the world to join the fast growing Women’s March on Washington (WMW) in my Nov 15 blog – a week after the U.S. election – I could not have foreseen the scale of international support or the newly galvanized women’s movement that would evolve by the start of 2017.

Today the WMW is set to be the largest march of its kind as hundreds of thousands of women and men plan to take to the streets on January 21, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as the President of the United States. As well as the leading national march in Washington DC and another 200 U.S. city marches, there will also be at least 50 cities in 20 other countries participating and more are organizing each week.” READ MORE

How big is OUR movement? On Jan 21, we’ll see!

PHOTO: Alejandro (Alex) Quinones
Chicago Women’s Strike for Equality, 1970
Women’s Strike for Equality took place on August 26, 1970.
It celebrated the 50th anniversary of the passing of the 19th
Amendment, which effectively gave American women the
right to vote. The rally was sponsored by the National
Organization for Women (NOW). More than 20,000 women
gathered for the protest in New York City and throughout
the country. At this time, the gathering was the largest on
behalf of women in the United States.


  • Sylvia says:

    I am so deeply sad at the direction our country is taking, but I believe we must go through it in order to better understand one another. This march is helping me to get started on the work ahead in community.

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