Our Events

Events held Members and by Women’s March Chapters maintain your neighborhood attached and active to the community. Though the arrangement of your Event will be dependent on its kind, it must concentrate on the demands and concerns of your community and create strategies to do it.

Women’s March Global Occasions include Activities, Conferences, Huddles, Marches, Salons, and Vigils – strategies to do it on problems related to the human rights of women.

A March’s intention is consciousness, which is linked to actions like policy change. A rally with speakers finish start, or bookends Marches.

Action An Action is a physical and direct action to promote and catalyse certain modifications in your area and in governance. Actions can be coordinated through School your Huddle, Chapter or neighborhood. Below are a few examples of Activities strike, walkout, rally, community assistance, meeting members of booth, workshops, or your authorities.

Seminar A Women’s March Global Conference is a big, possibly multi-day ticketed event centered on lots of topics of interest to the neighborhood. The March Global Conference of A Women may consist of presentations of sessions, and 20 minutes or not sessions, workshops. Your Women’s March Global Conference could be organised along with Chapters in your nation or area or with spouse organisations. There are results that are actionable.

The goal of a Women’s March Global Salon would be to nurture an comprehension of your Women’s March Global Chapter, emphasize local issues, challenges, and tales on your city or area and maintain the community connected between the frequent larger local events and yearly Women’s March Global Anniversary.

Vigil A Vigil is a casual gathering or meetup in regard to a particular issue, trigger, or catastrophe. It’s typically held at a place, frequently in the evening in a public space.